Nomadic life is no life for me: The little, yellow loft (part 2)

It’s been a year since I left New Zealand in search of an adventure. Following on from part 1 about finding out what backpacking is like, here is part 2 about where my adventures have taken me:

No head room required! I’m happy here. (This photo was exaggerated slightly.)

Stopping the travel, and settling down in a little yellow loft.Read the rest

Nomadic life is no life for me: A year away from home (part 1)

It’s been a year since I left New Zealand in search of an adventure. This is part 1 about my discovery of what backpacking is really like.

Leaving Scotland for England with a very heavy bag, dreading the train ride… Look at that vein popping out of my neck!!

What I thought backpacking would be like, and the reality of it were two very different things…

After six months of moving from place to place and travelling around the UK and continental Europe more or less on my own, I was more than ready to stop and take a breather.… Read the rest

A (warm) winter Christmas in England

Parentals arrive
My mum and dad were lovely enough to make the short trip from New Zealand to visit in September. In fact, mum booked their tickets before I had even left the country back in February.

Unfortunately they couldn’t stay for Christmas – my brother in Australia had already booked them in – but they came for a couple of weeks in Autumn.… Read the rest

Iceland road trip: Wild horses and a diamond ring

Day 3
unspecified-20After a stunning theatrical display in the clear skies the night before, the pleasant scenery we woke up to was quite unexpected.

The slip road we were forced to nervously park up on wasn’t someone’s driveway, or a farm. But a road delivering us to the shore. It was a road people used to take their boats to the ocean!… Read the rest

Iceland road trip: Waterfalls and northern lights

Day 2 (Part 2)
waterfalljodieAfter a wonderful morning riding Icelandic horses, we grabbed some hotdogs from a drive-through hotdog place (very common in Iceland), and continued our journey.

Before we knew it, we found a beautiful waterfall. We waded through the American and Asian tourists with their iPhones and selfie sticks before taking our own photos and jumping back in the van to find a less busy area to explore.… Read the rest

Iceland road trip: Horseriding in paradise

Day 2 (Part 1)

unspecified-10– First of all, I was so upset because I didn’t have my phone with me on the ride. All photos of me riding were on the other rider’s phone. And thank goodness she was kind enough to send them to me after we got home!

We were up much of the night due to the high winds, which turned out to be stronger than usual according to an Icelander I spoke to in the morning who was worried her cottage would be blown away!… Read the rest